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Untie Your Mind - Using Macrame to Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Macrame projects are a wonderful way to unwind and take a break from the stressors of everyday life. Macrame is the art of tying knots with your hands, using a range of techniques and materials to create both functional and beautiful art and decor. Whether you’re making a plant hanger, weaving a giant wall hanging, or making a keychain, macrame can have an overwhelmingly positive impact and help relieve stress. Macrame really calms down my neurodivergent brain, gives me a chance to focus on something "easy," and tap into my creative side. Here are some amazing reasons why you should pick up macrame for stress relief.

String Theory

Macrame is an ancient craft that dates back hundreds of years. It is believed to have originated in either Persia or Arabia and was used to decorative hangings and clothing. The knots and patterns used to create these elaborate pieces are precise and intricate, and it often takes a great deal of practice to master - however, most really ornate pieces only use a few different types of basic knots, they're just arranged in fancy patterns.

Untie Your Mind

Knotting allows us to generate ideas, solve problems, plan and focus on the task at hand – all of which help to bring clarity and relieve stress. When we are engrossed in a project our minds tend to wander and this helps to alleviate a bit of stress and negativity. When we're feeling overwhelmed with stress, it's easy for our emotions to get out of whack. Knotting can help us restore balance by concentrating on our project while thinking outside the box to create something spectacular.

Knot Calm? Meditate...

Engaging in macrame for as little as 15 minutes can elicit a calming effect and reduce the amount of cortisol that is produced when we are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. The process of creating something with your hands inherently demands a certain level of focus and can distract us from anxious or negative thoughts. When we are crafting, our minds are fully focused on the task at hand – meaning that we are given a much-needed reprieve from any sources of stress in our lives. Knotting is the perfect way to subconsciously unplug and allow us some breathing room. I love to listen to lo-fi instrumentals while I'm knotting - concentrating on tying the knots and vibing to the calm music almost puts me in a meditative state.

Give Yourself a Gold Star

Creating something as beautiful as a personalized piece of macrame helps us to learn valuable lessons in patience, persistence, and creativity. As we complete our project, we can watch our skill and artistry develop as we go. This act of conquering a challenging task also provides a sense of empowerment and pride that can help build our self-esteem and confidence. There's really nothing better than finishing a macrame piece that you've been working on for days. I feel the same way when I finish crocheting a blanket.

Connect with Other Fiber Nerds

Macrame can be an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience, especially when shared with others. From online macrame groups to physical meetups, having others who understand the craft and what it entails helps to deepen our connection to the art of knotting and its practitioners, but also to one another. Join my Facebook group - Knot Your Momma's Macrame for tips, tricks, patterns, and ideas in a community of macrame lovers. Interested in taking a class? I teach beginner to advanced macrame for all ages - check out my upcoming Knots & Coffee Shots Macrame Classes happening in Spokane!

Final Knots

From its beautiful designs to its health benefits, macrame is an enjoyable, creative way to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. The process of knotting can be a symbol of progress and keeps your hands busy, allowing your mind to rest and for positive results to follow. With just a few materials and some patience, you can create colorful and intricate pieces that can be admired for years to come.

Thanks for reading! Macrame Megan

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