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Simple V Wall Hanging Pattern

This pattern is for beginners! We will be using Lark's Head Knots (LHK), Diagonal Double Half Hitch Knots (DHHK), and Square Knots (SK). Learn to make this beautiful wall hanging with me!

Materials Needed

16x 60" cords of 4mm Single Strand Macrame String (I use Ganxxet or Niroma)

10-12" Wooden dowel or treated driftwood

Sharp Scissors

Something to secure your work like a garment rack, command hook, hooked over a door or chair, taped to a table or wall

Basic Knot Guide

Attaching Your Work

Attach 16x 60" cords to the dowel - fold each string in half and use Lark's Head Knots (LHK) to attach. You will have a total of 32 strings hanging down.

Drop the first two cords from the left and right sides of your piece. Using the next 4 cords, make a square knot (SK) tight against the dowel. Continue SK all the way across the row for a total 7 square knots.


Alternating Square Knots

Alternating square knots make the "net" looking pattern. You're essentially taking two cords from each knot above and joining them with another SK.

Drop the first 2 cords from both sides of your work again. You'll have a total of 4 cords dropped on each side.

Tie alternating square knots (ASK) all the way across, making them snug against the row above. You will end with a total of 6 knots in this row.


Repeat dropping cords and making ASK until you have a V shape. You'll have 5 knots, then 4, then 3, 2, and you will end with one final Square Knot at the end.

Get ready for Diagonal Double Half Hitch Knots

Double Half Hitch knots can be diagonal, horizontal, or vertical! When I make these knots, I imagine a donut on a piece of spaghetti. The spaghetti is your filler cord - the one that all the knots will go around - and the donuts are the shape you should see as you tighten your knots, making that 3D rounded pattern when you're done. You actually tie TWO knots with each string, hence "double" half hitch.

Keep in mind, Double Half Hitch Knots will look different on one side than they do on the other. It’s because of the way the rope is twisted! It will never be perfect, and trust me, nobody will notice but you!

Bring all of your cords back down and straighten them out. You should have 2 unknotted cords hanging from the left and right sides of your piece.

Start on the left side, bring one of the cords to the center of your work, along the side of the V shape.

This is your filler cord and we will tie all of the Double Half Hitch Knots (DHHK) from the left side all the way to center.


Repeat the previous step DHHK from Right to Center. To close off the end, just make one more DHHK knot with the other side's filler cord. You should end up looking like this at the end of this part:

Let's Keep Going!

Make an additional V shape of Alternating Square Knots. These knots should not butt all the way against the DHHK above it. You want these knots to be parallel to the top of the piece.

You'll start with the left side, using the first 4 cords make a SK. Then, take two cords from that knot, and the next two cords to the right, and make an ASK. Continue to the center.

Then working from the right side to center, repeat the pattern. Join the last knot at the end to finish the V.

Last Set of Double Half Hitches!

Just like we did above, start from the Left side and tie DHHK to center, then repeat from Right to center. You will have a decent amount of cord at the end. You could probably make another set of ASK and DHHK under this if you wanted to.

Congrats, you made it through!

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